Hybrid H₂ Server RARA

Hybrid H2 Server RARA

The World's First Hybrid Hydrogen Water Purifier!

OK for Both Bottled Water and Tap Water


Hybrid H2 Server RARA
Hybrid H2 Server RARA
  • Hybrid H2 Server RARA feature

    Tank for bottled water

  • Hybrid H2 Server RARA feature

    LED lamp

  • Hybrid H2 Server RARA feature

    Touch-button control

  • Hybrid H2 Server RARA feature

    Easy filter exchange

  • Hybrid H2 Server RARA feature

    Detachable water tank

  • Instant production of high concentration hydrogen
  • Stable and continuous production of high concentration hydrogen
  • Use bottled water when a pipeline is not available
  • Its minimal size makes it easy to install
  • Simple filter exchange system
  • Cutting-edge self-diagnostic system

    Drink at home and office conveniently

  • Want to drink hydrogen water, but don't have enough place for the hydrogen water purifier?
    Its compact size (16X26X34 cm) fits small space.
  • Hard to connect tap water pipeline and have low water pressure?
    There's no need to connect the pipeline. Just connect its power.
  • You don't drink tap water?
    Use bottled water, please.
  • You want to use tap water?
    The product is not only for bottled water but also for tap water.
  • You want to use tap water but cannot connect the pipeline?
    Get the tap water and pour it into a water tank, please. The filter will purify the tap water.

    Along with superior performance, to maintain the performance is more important

  • RARA Hydrogen Water Generator creates the high concentration hydrogen water of 1000 ppb in a second.
  • The key of the hydrogen water generator is hydrogen generating equipment. But what is the use when its performance becomes poor as time goes by?
  • What is critical of maintaining the performance is cleaning of hydrogen generating electrode. The performance slows down if foreign materials stick to the electrode. RARA Hydrogen Water Generator cleans the electrode to maintain its performance if you just push its cleaning button.

    Is its maintenance bothering you? It has an alarm function.

  • It is annoying to think about when to wash the electrode and when to exchange the filter.
  • RARA Hydrogen Water Generator has the cutting-edge self-diagnostic system. When it generates 30 liters of hydrogen water, it tells you to clean the electrode.
  • If the filter is used for 6 months or purifies 1000 liters, it shows an alarm for you to exchange it.

    It is very convenient to use

  • It has the comfortable button system. Just push the button to get water and push it one more time to stop the water.
  • Do you want to get a lot of water? When you push the button once, you can get 1 liter of hydrogen water, and it stops automatically. So you don't have to wait for water.
  • The detachable drain tray makes it possible for you to use a big water container.
  • Anyone can exchange its filter so that you don't need any help from outside.

    Feel safe about using it

  • It has acquired certification from different countries including KC, CE, FDA , PSE and RoSH.
  • H2 SERVER RARA & Elpeace was approved of the worldwide safety and technology marks.

    National Science Foundation 42. /  CE. Certificate of Europe. /  UL. Underwriters' Laboralory. / KE. Safely Certification Scheme for Electrical Appliances KSA Korean Standards Association. / ISO 9001. International for Standardization 9001. / ISO 14001. International Organization for Standardization 14001.

    YOUNGWOO WATERLINE certification
Hybrid H2 Server RARA
Hybrid H2 Server RARA


Product Hybrid H2 Server RARA
Size / Weight 175W X 335D X 255H (mm) / 3.5 kg
Power consumption 100 W
Water storage capacity 4 liters
Filter Special combination filter
Hydrogen water output rate About 1.2 liter/minute
Concentration of dissolved hydrogen above 1000 ppb