Handy H₂ Server RARA

Handy H2 Server RARA

I always carries around Handy H2 Server RARA

The reason why you need the Handy H2 Server RARA is that your body constantly generates reactive oxygen. It changes common water to hydrogen water whenever, wherever.

Easy to carry it around

  • The Handy H2 Server RARA is 65 mm in diameter, 98 mm in height; it is small enough to be carried in a handbag.
  • You can use water around you. Only a small bottled water will do.

    The reason why the Handy H2 Server RARA is special!

  • It is the patented 6-ply titanium platinum electrolysis system, which takes this generator to a different level of performance compared to the 4-ply coating electrode.
  • Hydrogen is light but does not disappear immediately. Like carbonic acid doesn't go away when you pour soda to a cup, hydrogen doesn't go away instantly.
  • The hydrogen water made by the Handy H2 Server RARA keeps its hydrogen 80 to 90 % in an hour, and you can enjoy it in a leisurely way.

    The Handy H2 Server RARA is the must-have

  • Reactive oxygen is generated when breathing, so it is not avoidable. A lot of Reactive oxygen is also generated by exercise, overeating, fine dust, environmental pollution, stress, ultraviolet rays and instant food.
  • If you drink hydrogen water in between, before and after the activities that generate a lot of reactive oxygen, you can protect your body, decrease your fatigue and recover quickly.
  • Drink RARA hydrogen water when you need to hydrate.

    Drink RARA hydrogen water for the following occasions:

  • hiking


  • Air pollution

    Air pollution

  • Stress


  • Overeat


  • Alcohol drinking

    Alcohol drinking

  • Ultraviolet



Product Portable Hydrogen Water SERVER
Model name YWH-070
Rated voltage INPUT:AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.3A OUTPUT:DC5V, 2A
Power consumption 5W
Weight 196g
Size Ø69mm Height 103mm
Hydrogen dissolving methods Electrolysis
Concentration of dissolved hydrogen 5min – Approx. 900ppb,
10min (5min x 2) – Approx. 1100ppb
Operation time 5min in operation
Full-charge time Approx. 90~120min.
Battery life 2-3 years (depends on customer using, less or
Built-in battery Lithium-ion battery 3.7V 1060mA 1cell
Manufactured country MADE IN KOREA