Hot & Cold H₂ Server RARA

Hot & Cold H2 Server RARA

Evolution of Hot and Cold Water Purifier, Hot and Cold Hydrogen Water Purifier


  • It's bothering to think of when to clean the electrode and exchange the filter. Now, they are taken care of by the AI.
  • The cutting edge AI self-management system makes the electrode cleaned automatically when 30 liters of hydrogen water are generated, so you can always enjoy high concentration hydrogen water.
  • When the filter is used for 6 months or purifies 1000 liters of water, the filter exchange alarms goes off for easier management.

    Many hydrogen water generator, but few hot and cold hydrogen water generator?

  • Hot and cold H2 Server generates high concentration hydrogen water even with hot and cold water in a second.
  • Hydrogen, the smallest element in the universe, easily flies away. The property disappears in hot water faster, and it is hard to generate hydrogen in cold water. That is why there are many general hydrogen water purifiers but few hot and cold hydrogen water purifiers.
  • The hydrogen generating technology that has been developed and improved by YOUNGWOO WATERLINE mixes hydrogen well in both hot and cold water, and its concentration and duration do not differ from the hydrogen generated at room temperatures.

    Evolution of Hydrogen Water Generator, AI Hot and Cold H2 Server Hydrogen Water Generator

  • It is very important to manage the hot and cold hydrogen water generator, compared to general hot and cold water purifier. If the hydrogen generating electrode is not cleaned well, the capacity of dissolved hydrogen is reduced drastically.
  • However, it is hard to manage it thoroughly, and it is more so especially in a space used by many people.
  • But you don't have to worry about it. AI Hot and Cold H2 Server Hydrogen Water Generator figures out the used amount by itself with the help of its artificial intelligence system and cleans the electrode to make the best hydrogen water at all times.

    Now, let's switch to Hot and Cold H2 Hydrogen Water Generator

    Hydrogen water is surely better than the water from general water purifiers. Clean water with minerals is basic. Antioxidation is the gift from the hydrogen water generator.

  • Change water for higher work efficiency.
  • Change water for customers' satisfaction.
  • Change water for your health.

    It is very convenient to use

  • It has the convenient, touch-type system. You can control many functions by just touching buttons.
  • Anyone can exchange its filter so that you don't need any help from outside.

    Feel safe about using it

  • It has acquired certification from different countries including KC, CE, FDA , PSE and RoSH.
  • Using the premium filter certified by FDA, the generator has the superb water purification capability.

    The 1st to 2nd step with the block carbon filter: absorbs and eliminates floating matter, rust, microorganism and trihalomethane

    The 3rd step with the combination filter: eliminates odor, improves the taste of water and makes far-infrared radiation anion water

  • Hydrogen compound is not generated because hydrogen water is not saved.
Hot & Cold H2 Server RARA
Hot & Cold H2 Server RARA


Item ELYW-2500(S1) ELYW-2500(MD/MG)
Power supply 100~240V 100~240V
Size (cm) / Weight (kg) 25Wx44Dx115H 25Wx44Dx46H
Concentration of dissolved hydrogen above 1000 ppb above 1000 ppb
Water storage capacity Tank: 2ℓ
Cold Tank: 2ℓ
Hot Tank: 1.2ℓ
Tank: 2ℓ
Cold Tank: 2ℓ
Hot Tank: 1.2ℓ
Power consumption 400W 400W
Water pressure Max 6 kgf/㎠ Max 6 kgf/㎠
Water temperature 5~40 °C 5~40 °C
pH 7.0~8.0 7.0~8.0
Usage Home / Business / Office Home / Business / Office
Filter system 1-1. Carbon Block
1-2. Combination
2. Drain Carbon
1. Combination
2. Drain Carbon