Tank Electrolyzer


TANK is the name of hydrogen generating electrolyzer developed by YOUNGWOO WATERLINE.

To be the best tank, it has to go forward quickly following the order night or day, even though desert sands, freezing Siberia, swamps and rivers are blocking its march. The electrolyzer should generate high quality hydrogen without malfunction in any circumstances.

YOUNGWOO WATERLINE has gone through a lot of trial and error to develop the first and best product. We have done a lot of researches and tests: changes in hydrogen generation amount by gaps between electrodes, leakage problems in high water pressure, problems occurred by malfunctioning components like solenoid valve and pressure reducing valve and changes in hydrogen generation amount by platinum electrode sizes and thickness of plating.

At last, the first hydrogen generating module was developed in 2003, and it was exported to Japan, the most demanding market, in 2004. The TANK hydrogen generating module is the prototype that a lot of hydrogen water manufacturers copy and the standard of the field. TANK module is being upgraded, not staying still.

The strong and powerful performance explains the TANK.

Tank Electrolyzer


  • Real-time hydrogen generation
  • High concentration hydrogen water generation over 1000 ppb
  • Long hydrogen retaining time
  • Discharging oxygen and ozone through PEM, free from the smell of ozone
  • High concentration hydrogen water irrespective of kinds of water
  • Operating in high water pressure with the maximum water pressure of 10 kgf/㎠

    Mighty TANK

    The electrolyzer that produces hydrogen is the heart of hydrogen products. Like a weak heart causes a lot of problems, the life of the hydrogen water generator depends on the electrolyzer. The electrolyzer of the TANK hydrogen water generator is entirely different.

    Powerful PerformanceGenerates hydrogen over 1000 ppb in a second

  • Unlike the circulation system that injects hydrogen forcefully into the tank by generating hydrogen constantly, the TANK has powerful performance that generates high concentration hydrogen without a tank. The circulation system wastes energy and shortens the lifespan of the hydrogen generating module because it has to generate hydrogen constantly no matter how much water is taken out.

    Strong PerformanceThe world's best strength that holds the maximum water pressure 10 kgf/cm²

  • Water leakage is one of the major causes of breakdown of a hydrogen water generator. Unlike other modules that blow off when water pressure gets a little high, the TANK module has eliminated the water leakage, the root cause of its breakdown.

    Long Lifespan and Easy MaintenanceSimplifies complex designs and eliminates the cause of breakdown

  • Thanks to the simple design, the TANK module does not break down easily, enduring high water pressure when solenoid valve and pressure reducing valve operate abnormally. Also, the joint parts connected to tubing lines do not stick out, which eliminates the possibility of damage by external shock when moving the product. It has a long lifespan without small problems, which makes its maintenance very easy.

    Exquisite Controller SystemPerfect support system for the TANK module

  • An exquisite controller system is necessary for best performance and easy maintenance like washing the module and exchanging the filter. The controller system upgraded for a long time optimizes the TANK module performance. Also, it is equipped with the system that converts alternating current power source to direct one, so SMPS is not necessary. You can just connect its plug without installing the additional adapter, which is simple and neat.


Product TANK Electrolyzer
Concentration of dissolved hydrogen +1000 ppb
ORP - 450 ~ - 500 mV
pH Neutral
Water temperature 4 ~ 80 °C
Water pressure 3 ~ 10 kgf/㎠ (42~142 psi)
Size / Weight 54W X 84D X 103H mm / 620 g
Power consumption 20 W
How to generate hydrogen Real time
Usage Home / Business / Office