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Business Field

Manufacturing the Hydrogen Water Generators

Oxygen goes through oxidization and hydrogen goes through reduction action. According to a lot of research, hydrogen protects cells and tissues from oxidation stress caused by reactive oxygen. YOUNGWOO WATERLINE proved that the hydrogen is very effective in eliminating reactive oxygen through the industrial-educational cooperation research.

Based on this result, we developed a variety of products involving hydrogen water.

ROS density variation after H2O2 treatment in endothelial cells.

  1. High concentration ROS level
  2. Middle concentration ROS level
  3. Low concentration ROS level
  • Normal water Normal Water
  • Youngwoo Waterline Reduced water Youngwoo Waterline
    Reduced water
  • Alkaline water Alkaline water
  • Ascrobic acid water Ascrobic acid water

Research by Dept. of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH in 2004

  1. Hydrogen water purifier using both bottled water and tap water
  2. Hot and cold hydrogen water purifier
  3. Portable hydrogen generator

Manufacturing the Filters

Safety is the critical feature of a filter. The filters made by YOUNGWOO WATERLINE have been internationally certified by FDA, which are safe and credible.


Sediment filter, Block carbon filter, Carbon fiber filter, GAC filter, DI filter, Ceramic filter, Combination filter, Alkali filter, Reduced water filter, Magnetic resonance filter, Softener filter, RO membrane, UF membrane, Shower filter, Bidet filter, Refrigerator filter